Monday, October 6, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Happy Fall 2008

OK, bigd - I'll bite too. Great idea.

I'm not usually a fan of fall, as it tends to lead to winter. But in the spirit of finding the positive and not dwelling on the negative, I'll give it a shot.

#10 Crisp morning air (the kind that makes dragon smoke come out of your mouth when you breathe)

#9 Watching the leaves change colors

#8 A toasty fire in the fireplace

#7 Fall nature walks collecting colorful leaves and acorns

#6 New Boots (need I say more?)

#5 A colorful fall sweater and scarf.

#4 Jumping in a pile of leaves

#3 Climbing trees and apple picking

#2 Halloween and Thanksgiving

#1 Snuggling with my husband in front of the toasty fire.

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bigd Flanagan said...

Now thats a good list!! Funny how we move outside and non desert ppl move or limit their time outside.
We used to live where there were four seasons at 7000 ft. Man, some days I totally miss that..

Thanks for playing along...