Saturday, September 27, 2008

So Many Roads

My RL is full of challenges. I suppose I design it that way. Raising children, keeping my marriage working, writing my dissertation, teaching, working on extra projects - robots, SL Teen Grid platform, and biking. I was posed another challenge a few months ago - describe your life in six words or less: work hard, play hard, crash, burn. So I've been through the cycle - again. I crashed and burned in June. Now I'm back at the beginning working hard. And in a better frame of mind to handle the challenges than I was the last time. Its the balance thats working this time.

My SL challenges are interesting. I have two avatars. My alt is Sarah Marcus - she is the avatar I use when teaching my colleagues. She is my professional persona - the one who is knowledgeable on the topic of education in SL. On October 8th, Juniper Breize (my RL and SL friend and colleague) and I will give a presentation to our superintendent, high school and middle school principals, technology coordinator, colleagues, and a grant committee to "sell" our project to develop a virtual world platform on the teen grid. Am I nervous? You bet. Am I confident we can pull this off? Definitely.

And Yamis? Well, Yamis is really me. And in SL I am just as busy - listing to music, dancing, building, loving, exploring. I'm learning to make clothing and stained glass windows and lamps. And I go from one activity to another with my mind on three other tasks. I'm having fun. Hey Woodly, lets go ride bikes!

Well, my bike challenge is tomorrow - 100 miles - Graeme - this one's for you! Thanks =)

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