Monday, September 28, 2009

She's Baaaaack!

Well hello there - I feel like I fell off my bike and am afraid to get up (ok, maybe not that extreme). Its been way too long since I've blogged. I've been up to my eyeballs in writing chapters for my dissertation, getting my IRB approval, and reminding my family I still exist. And in between I am spending way too much time in SL, between playing, networking, and listening to good music. SL is my hell in a bucket, btw. And yes, I"m enjoying the ride. Just not sure where I'll land.

Some of the things that are going on in my SL world are fun, some are frustrating, and other are actually getting boring. I've been in SL for 2 1/2 years now. Since I've been here the music scene has exploded and I am branching out of my comfort zone and listening to a lot of different kinds of musicians. I"ve been especially loving the electric blues sounds of Edward Kyomoon, Noma Falta, Komuso Takagawa, Jimmyt49 and Jeffo Pelous. What an amazing collection of musicians. And then there are my always favorite folk/classic rock musicians like Kitzie Lane (my SL sister, so yes, I'm biased), Woodsong Zapatero (another bias), Montavious Peccable (might as well be family - oh, sort of is now), and Tallguy Kid, Gregg Collossus, Nick99, and Grateful Stryker. And most of them even know how to pronounce my name correctly! (ok, so for those of you not sure: Yay-mis) The music is ALWAYS the fun part of SL for me.

So are my friends. Kitzie and I have added a sister to our family, Dawnlyn Writer. I never thought i would meet such wonderful people and wish we didn't all live in different corners of the US. One day a trip is required. Soon. And I am meeting really great people in some of the educator groups I belong to as well. I am becoming more and more involved in them (ok, slowly, but surely) and am finding it fascinating to see the level of dedication people have to embracing virtual worlds as an emerging educational technology tool. You all rock!

So what is the boring part? I guess its the routine of what I do. I need to shake it up a bit. Maybe more time in the educational groups, just doing something different now and then is a good thing. I need to explore other sims more often to see people's creativity and get ideas for educational uses of SL.

So if you aren't busy this Friday night at 6 SLT, come out to my Butterfly Garden for a night full of music - Octoberfest American Style. I've got 6 musicians over three hours ready to rock you into the weekend. IM me for a limo!

Oh, and thanks for reminding me I have a blog ;-) ttys.