Sunday, October 19, 2008

They Are Butterflies

I found this piece written by Elizabeth Andrew. It makes me proud to be a butterfly. Enjoy :)

They Are Butterflies

It is said that the butterfly goes wherever it pleases and pleases wherever it goes. What a tribute to pay a creature otherwise known as an insect! Why do we find butterflies so pleasing?

Aside from their obvious beauty and benefit, probably the most gratifying trait of butterflies is their modest personality. While other insects buzz ferociously or rustle leave fiercely to announce their might, butterflies quietly perform the miracle of pollination without ever making a sound and without over disturbing anything. Their contribution rises to hero proportions as they help make life possible yet ask for nothing extra in return.

Some people are like butterflies. They go through life performing miracles daily without ever boasting and without ever purposely drawing attention to themselves. They are the reason those around them find work easier or life better. Just like butterflies, their contribution rises to hero proportions as they tirelessly help others yet ask for nothing extra in return.

These tireless wonders go wherever they please and please wherever they go. They are beautiful. They are beneficial. They are modest.

Indeed...they are butterflies.

Have a beautiful day my friends.

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