Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dancing in the Streets

Well the Parking Lot on Darkstar was filled with hippies celebrating the impending (and inevitable) victory since early yesterday afternoon. Never saw a happier bunch of Deadheads. I thought for sure Jerry himself had been elected. What a great day.

With great hopes for positive change and an eye to the future, I am especially glad to see our country has successfully moved past the point where a man's color is a disability. I hope Obama can help our country find its rightful and needed place again among the other great nations of the world and that the new administration will have the wisdom and support it needs to move us forward - beyond where we began to lose ground in the global game. They have a lot of work ahead for sure.

Kudos to Get out the Vote, and all the Deadheads for Obama whose influence on this election cannot be underestimated.


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