Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Wheel is Turning

And I can't slow down...actually - its time to speed up again. After my end of the year breakdown in June, I have had a nice summer (ok, at times tumultuous) resting, playing, and bonding with friends. Alas...its that time of the year again. Labor day means the start of another school year and here I go.
I've been dreading the start of the year, but I think its time for an attitude adjustment. I've got really cool classes - and small (BONUS!!). I'm teaching algebra II, computer applications, intro to computer science, and AP computer science. I'm also working on my doctoral dissertation and a school project to develop a SL platform on the teen grid for our students. Oh, and lets not forget my own kids and their school work.
So if you see less of me, please understand - I'm really going to try to balance better this year...and if you see me on too much - give me a boot off! Muahh!

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bigd Flanagan said... schedule. You are a busy women aren't you? I wish you nothing but the best for your school year. It's going to be a good one.

Do you do online tutoring for Algebra II? LOL