Friday, August 15, 2008

Setting My Hippie Self Free

Some things in life are just to perfect and too beautiful not to share. I had a wonderful opportunity to spend a few days up in Bethel, New York at Yasgur's Farm - Woodstock.
Yasgur's Farm - the farm house is in the background.

The hill on the farm where the original Woodstock festival took place. The stage was at the bottom of the hill.

Bob Weir and Rat Dog and The Allman Brothers played at the magnificent open air amphitheater built on the farm. About 10 minutes before the show a quick rain began (would it be a show at Woodstock without rain?). As Bobby opened the set with Here Comes The Sunshine, the sun came out and with it was the most spectacular double rainbow.

While we were there we visited the recently opened Woodstock Museum. If you have the opportunity to be in New York, this is really a must see. There are artifacts, interviews, and footage never seen before. A world of 1960's history leading up to the event is presented and stories from local residents are shared. The atmosphere is bright and cheerful, the music invigorating, but the museum visitors are somber taking it all in, remembering another time's forgotten space.
So as not to infringe on copyright laws, I do not have original pictures of the museum to share with you...please check out their website:

The next day we continued our journey with the bands to see them play again at Jones Beach. Although not a surreal surrounding like Woodstock, this show made the first one look like a rehearsal. An amazing week. And in RL - go figure!

Now where are those wings...

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